Full Body Waxing

Achieve your ideal look with a thorough, comprehensive waxing session.

What is Full Body Waxing?

Full body waxing includes the removal of unwanted hair all over the body. For people who are bothered by hair in many different areas and prefer a smooth, hair-free look, full body waxing can be a great way to feel more confident in every situation. With a professional, thorough approach by our experienced aestheticians, you can achieve consistent hair removal all over.

What Are My Options for Full Body Waxing?

  • Brazilian/Bikini
  • Neck, Brows, and Face
  • Legs
  • Torso
  • Arms
  • Underarms

Real Patient


“I got a facial and it was amazing. I've been getting compliments on my face all week. I loved that they asked about my skin care routine, they were very understanding that I wasn't very experienced and recommended an awesome cleanser! Thank you, I'll be back next month !”

- Erlinda

“I love Skin Addict Studio. They have great products. I have really dry skin. I used the Skin Addict Studio line, my skin feels perfect.”

- Karen

“First off - Ashley is amazing. She is just the kind of person I want as a first contact to a business - she is friendly, informative, and has beautiful skin (a testament to the business treatments). Shannon was very efficient in her work (I had a lash lift) and was very personable. This business definitely has me as a repeat customer on my first visit.”

- Bri

What Are the Benefits of Full Body Waxing?

One of the biggest benefits of full body waxing is the ability for patients to achieve a consistent look and hair regrowth – for patients who opt for piecemeal waxing appointments for different areas, it can be frustrating when areas grow back at different rates. With a single full body waxing session, you can achieve complete hair removal with single appointments spaced apart at regular intervals. Additionally, full body waxing can give you the confidence to feel comfortable wearing anything and nothing whenever the situation calls for it. Finally, full body waxing can help cut down on irritation, ingrown hairs, and labor-intensive hair removal at home with methods like shaving, plucking, or epilating.

How to Prepare for Full Body Waxing

It’s extremely important to avoid tanning or sunbathing for 24-48 hours ahead of your appointment. Make sure not to pluck or shave beforehand (your hair should be at least ¼ inch in length) and arrive without makeup. Make sure to bring a set of clean, loose-fitting, cotton clothes to wear afterward to avoid any irritation. It can be helpful to take painkillers like ibuprofen about 30-45 minutes ahead of your waxing appointment to help you remain comfortable, especially when waxing sensitive areas.

Post-Session Care for Full Body Waxing

After your full body waxing session, make sure to avoid hot, steamy showers or saunas for 24-48 hours afterward since these can introduce bacteria or irritation into the follicles. Avoid working out or sweating during this timeframe, too. It’s extremely important to avoid tanning or sun exposure afterward, so make sure to avoid going outside – or use SPF 30 or higher if you must go outside. Finally, avoid scratching as much as possible – it can be helpful to soothe the skin with aloe vera gel if needed.

Full body waxing can last 2-3 weeks, and our experienced team can help you understand when to return for your next appointment to maintain smooth, hair-free results.

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