With many different densities and structural support formulas, Restylane is a great choice for anyone over the age of 21 looking to add fullness and naturally smooth away wrinkles and folds throughout the face. Restylane products use hyaluronic acid to naturally enhance the contours of your face in a way that won’t make you look puffy or over-filled.

As people age, they lose volume in key areas of their faces that contribute to a sunken, hollow appearance. Fortunately Restylane® Contour is specifically designed to fill these hollow areas in the cheeks for a youthfully voluminous appearance from every angle.

There’s a solution for even the deepest nasolabial folds with Restylane® Defyne. Powered by Restylane’s XpresHAn Technology, this highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid formula is durable enough to fill out laugh lines as well as enhance chin projection while being fluid enough to not interfere with the movements you make with your smile.

As the first lip filler that utilizes XpresHAn Technology, Restylane® Kysse is the ideal solution for plumping the lips for up to a year at a time.

This new formula allows people to enjoy the full, plush lips they’ve wanted while remaining soft enough to not notice when making facial expressions and laughing.

The face isn’t the only place you lose volume over time. Another key indicator of age is the appearance of the backs of the hands, which become thin and bony with age. For people with concerns in both the face and hands, Restylane® Lyft is here to help. This is the first FDA-approved dermal filler to be used in both the face and hands.

With patented XpresHAn Technology, Restylane® Refyne eliminates the appearance of laugh lines, including nasolabial folds and marionette lines (running vertically down from the corners of the mouth), without affecting your natural facial expressions.

You may be surprised at how intricate the contour of your lips can be. Between overall fullness and the ideal angle of contour from middle to the edges of your mouth, there are a variety of factors that can be affecting the youthfulness of your lips. With Restylane® Silk, our injection experts can artfully fill the lips with hyaluronic acid to achieve a silky smooth texture and ideal fullness.

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