Skin Addict Studio offers eyebrow lamination, waxing, and tinting to enhance your brows with consistent color and a defined shape.

What is Brow Lamination?

Eyebrow lamination has also been called eyebrow perming because the procedure gives your brows a permanent shape and color for a period of time. Eyebrow lamination is often paired with waxing and tinting, since the lamination itself simply places and seals the brows. Waxing will remove stray hairs and create your desired brow shape for a smooth appearance. Brow tinting uses a semi-permanent dye to darken your eyebrows and enhance their appearance without makeup.

What are the Benefits of Eyebrow Lamination?

  • Semi-permanent defined eyebrows
  • Covers up thinning hair or gaps in the eyebrow
  • Creates an even, defined shape

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“This place is amazing, clean and friendly. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else for my skincare needs as well as my wax. The ladies in the front are very helpful. Shannon is awesome. Thank you!!”

- Daniela

“I love Skin Addict Studio. They have great products. I have really dry skin. I used the Skin Addict Studio line, my skin feels perfect.”

- Karen

“I got a facial and it was amazing. I've been getting compliments on my face all week. I loved that they asked about my skin care routine, they were very understanding that I wasn't very experienced and recommended an awesome cleanser! Thank you, I'll be back next month !”

- Erlinda

What Can I Expect During an Eyebrow Lamination?

Your provider will first apply a cream to your brows to lift them, which makes it easier to brush the hairs and pull them in a uniform direction. A neutralizer will then be used to seal the brows into place followed by a nourishing oil that helps prevent skin irritation and dryness. The treatment will take an hour or less and results can last for up to six weeks, depending on how much you scrub your face.

If you choose to wax your brows too, your provider will use a small spatula to spread a thin layer of wax in the direction of your growth. A wax strip is then gently pressed onto the wax and quickly pulled off again in the direction of hair growth, leaving you with a smooth, defined brow arch.

Eyebrow tinting begins by cleansing the area then applying petroleum jelly or a similar substance around the brows to prevent the dye from staining the skin. A thick layer of dye will be applied to the brows and left to sit for about 25 minutes, although more or less time may be needed depending on the color and texture of your hair.

Aftercare and Results

The results of your brow lamination, waxing, and tinting can be seen immediately. One of the best things about a non-invasive treatment is that there is no downtime, and you can resume your daily routine after treatment. For the first 24 hours, you should keep your brows completely dry and avoid rubbing them so that they can have time to set. Additionally, it is recommended that you wait 2-3 days to apply makeup or other skincare products around the brow.

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If you’re looking to touch up your brows and want a semi-permanent solution for defined, beautiful brows, you should consider an eyebrow treatment at Skin Addict Studios. You can schedule a consultation online with one of our expert team members or call our office today.

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