At Skin Addict Studio, we offer a wide variety of medical aesthetics and skin treatments for our clientele. Check out our full range of aesthetic treatments and services provided by our highly trained staff. Members save on some of our most popular and effective treatments, or go a la carte for your specific needs.

Struggling to keep breakouts under control? Can’t get a handle on your oily skin? Not to worry. At Skin Addict Studio, we can tailor an acne treatment for your unique skin type to fight and prevent breakouts to keep your skin smooth, clear, and beautiful.

Acne can be extremely difficult to live with. Find relief with a variety of our best acne treatments and products for clear, customized results.

Quicken your makeup routine by giving yourself permanently beautiful brows. Eyebrow lamination, tinting, and waxing will shape your brows and keep them in place for up to six weeks!

Chemical peels are a proven way to freshen your appearance without the need for harsh lasers. By dissolving weary, dull skin cells at the surface of your complexion, we can reveal the true brilliance of your natural beauty in just a few days.

When it comes to skincare treatments, chemical peels are one of the best ways to achieve transformative results for your costs. With a chemical peel package from our skincare experts, you can enjoy a truly customized experience.

Scrape away dead skin cells and debris with a professional touch. Dermaplaning helps you show off your natural, even skin tone and texture with immediate results and no downtime.

Minor skin concerns like peach fuzz, dryness, and texture can make it difficult to love how your skin looks. With quick and easy dermaplaning sessions, you can achieve your smoothest, most filtered look yet.

Treat yourself to a revitalizing facial treatment with luxurious, personalized procedures. Our facials help reveal what makes you as beautiful as you are.

The facials offered at Skin Addict Studio are tested and chosen based on their clinical effectiveness and feeling during treatment, so you can relax knowing that we provide only the top-performing, luxurious facials you’ll find in Glendale. Before settling on any one treatment, consult with our aesthetic experts to make sure the treatment you’re after is best suited to handle your current skin condition and goal.

Interested in looking younger without needing a lot of downtime for recovery? We offer a wide range of fillers and injectables to rejuvenate your face and neck, and we can help you determine the best plan for your needs.

Your consultation with our specialists will include the creation of a personalized treatment plan featuring the right fillers for you and the frequency you should return for another treatment to maintain your best face.

Specialty services tailored to men’s unique skincare needs include facials and male hair waxing. Men can have as radiant and trimmed a complexion as they want with our many procedures designed to have a wide variety of benefits after one or many treatments.

Spa treatments are often targeted toward women, who drive the vast majority of the cosmetics industry, but that’s not to say that men can’t enjoy the same benefits and luxurious experience of the services offered at Skin Addict Studio. In fact, there are a few treatments we tailor specifically to men’s anatomy and skincare goals. Find out what services can be customized to help with your specific goals by stopping by our studio or calling us for a consultation.

If you’re starting to notice your hair thinning or balding, there may still be hope for you to have a fuller head of hair once more. Our hair loss solutions have helped many men and women keep their full head of hair for longer than believed to be possible.

Boost your immunity, refresh your body, and rehydrate with one of our many drip options at the IV Hydration Bar. These IV drips contain an infusion of vital nutrients, including vitamin B-12, to give your body a healthy recharge and treat a wide variety of health conditions.

Turn back the clock on mild signs of aging with a microneedling treatment. Using the latest technology and proven techniques, our expert microneedling technicians can soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles and stimulate the skin’s natural regeneration process.

Microneedling is one of the most in-demand ways to rejuvenate skin and boost youthful collagen. Enjoy your best skin yet with a customized treatment package from our skin rejuvenation experts.

Perfect Peel is an all-in-one chemical peel that improves the appearance of your skin while treating a wide variety of skin conditions. If you’re looking to brighten and refresh your skin, consider a Perfect Derma Peel.

Utilizing your own cells, PRP can help rejuvenate and resurface your skin without the need for long recovery times. We offer several different options for PRP depending on your needs.

Interested in a quick refresh? We offer a wide variety of spa facials, ranging from anti-aging to firming to detox! Check out the list of our spa facial options and schedule a consultation if you’re not sure which is right for you.

Want to get a little more sun-kissed than you are? Our spray tan technicians can help you get that summer glow without the risk of sunburn.

Achieving a warm, bronzy glow doesn’t have to be damaging to your skin. Enjoy a sun-kissed look with a perfect match to your natural skin tone by our skincare experts.

Whatever the weather, we’re here to help get your desired areas silky smooth.

Skin Addict Studio is known for our premiere waxing services, giving customers smooth, sleek skin that’s long lasting. We treat all areas, including the bikini line and underarms, in as painless a procedure as possible.

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