All of our spa facials are 50 minutes long and can help with a variety of issues, ranging from skin brightening to firming. To learn more about these offerings, call our office and schedule a consultation.

This is a spa facial which uses a cooling and then a heating effect which will help detox and purify the skin. It’s a very popular peel facial “without the peeling” effect.

This spa facial is for individuals that have pigment issues of the skin and would like to have a smoother and brighter appearance from continued treatments. Also a refreshing treatment for dryness.

Perfect facial for those of us who have fine lines creeping in and would like to prevent them. This facial helps with tightening and forming of the skin.

A relaxing facial that will help with severe dryness. If you ever feel like your face needs to quench its thirst, this is the facial for you.

This is a facial that will help exfoliate the skin, even out skin tone, and promote new skin cell growth by exfoliating the exterior line of the skin. A relaxing facial which will help with hydration and firming as well.

For anyone needing help with acne breakouts and to help prevent the acne attack. Good for anyone with extreme cystic acne, or for someone who also wants to handle new breakouts.

Blackheads – we hate them! In fact, pore sizes in general is something we all wish we could change! This treatment will change your life. Not only will you see all those nasty blackheads extracted, but your skin will never feel cleaner.

Targeted for those with beards who also would like to get a good facial in. With help of steam and cleansing methods we will help the skin exfoliate and clean and give the skin under the beard a good treatment as well. Amazing for any man in general, as their skin is different from the ladies.

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