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Alchemy is a Med Spa in Glendale, Arizona that offers skin care, aesthetic treatments, and health and wellness solutions

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Med Spa in Glendale, AZ

Helping you in your wellness journey as well as aesthetic corrective treatments is our mission here at Alchemy. At our medical spa here in the greater Glendale/Peoria area, we are your local experts on not only weight loss and medical aesthetics but also Corrective skin treatments, skincare, and physical wellbeing. Whether you are interested in urgent care needs, lab work, custom facials, skincare, unisex body waxing, weight loss, aesthetical injections, and more, we have you covered.

Our Services

Medical Aesthetics

Defy aging with our proven injections and fillers, expertly administered by our experienced aestheticians.
Dermal Fillers
Collagen Filler
Suneva Face Lift Threads
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IV Hydration Therapy

Our IV treatments optimize your body's hydration and vitamin levels to improve your health and wellness.
Myer's Cocktail | Immune Shield/Allergy Relief | Colds/Stomach Flu | Hangover Relief | Migraine Relief | NAD+
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Vitamin Injections

Restore your body to optimal health and wellness with vitamin injections.
B12 | Slim Shot B12, MIC, L-Carnitine | Glutathione | Taurine | Vitamin C | Vitamin D3
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Medical Services

We provide medical services to support you health and wellness
Urgent Care
Hormone Therapy (pellets)
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Fight aging and get that radiant glow with our soothing facials!
Dermaplane | Hydrofacial | Mens Extraction/Beard Treatment | Acne/Extraction | Face Reality Boot Camp | Back Facial | Firming Facial | Chemical Peel/Bio Peel
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Lashes & Brows

Emphasize the beauty of your eyes with our lash and brow services.
Lash Lift (with tint or without)
Brow Lumination
Brow Tint
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Spray Tanning

Our spray tanning services leave your skin with that sun-kissed look without the UV damage.
Personal Spray Tan
Mystic Spray Tan
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Teeth Whitening

Remove tough stains and yellowing for a gleaming smile with our teeth whitening service.

Our Reviews

Michelle durso
Michelle durso
8 May 2023
Hello I’m just going to tell say “ lipo melt” at Desert Body Contour in Happy Valley is amazing. I not only lost 8” in my first 6 sessions but my mood and energy levels also improved. I will definitely be doing this again. Oh and The staff is so pleasant and professional 🥰
Amy f
Amy F
16 March 2023
Sara and Madeline are really sweet and they make you feel at home. I had cystic acne for over ten years and I finally caved in to get treatments to help my face. I am very happy that they are helping me through this process with my skin. You can really tell that they want to help you feel confident and help you in any way they can. I have seen results only after one hydra-facial treatment. I honestly recommend this place!
Anne splett
Anne Splett
4 March 2023
Absolutely wonderful!
Raquel limas
Raquel Limas
22 January 2023
Skin Addict Studio offers the best treatments. They have knowledgeable staff on hand and very professional. 10/10. Edit: I’ve been using their skin line products for a few months and all my dark spots have faded. The eye cream is so moisturizing, makeup application is super smooth.
Denise hutchinson
Denise Hutchinson
7 January 2023
Bailey does an awesome job!
Tessa woollam
Tessa Woollam
31 December 2022
Great and friendly staff who answer all of your questions!
Jennifer mccort
Jennifer McCort
29 December 2022
The esthetician was wonderful and gentle
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Volume/Cellulite Treatment

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